Ultimate Facial

For the most luxurious facial ~ With GG’s Ultimate Facial we customize specifically to your skin care needsTaking the guess work out of  “Which facial is for me?”

Facial procedures begin with the application  of a double cleanse to give you a radiant complexion.

Gentle scrub to exfoliate which removes dead skin cells and result in a glowing, polished looking skin.

Combined with a  hydrating, enzyme filled,  amino acid infused, anti-aging mask…. Masks are always catered to your specific needs.

Included if appropriate… LED light therapy.

Optional …steam/hot towel, extractions if needed

Choice of appropriate add on… Microdermabrasion, High frequency, Indirect high frequency, Galvanic, Ultrasonic ….other select add on’s may be an additional charge.

Appropriate facial massage included

Ends with a refreshing cool toning mist and *anti-aging moisturizers with anti-oxidants to hydrate, purify, revitalize your skin and tone the overall appearance of your skin…*choice of moisturizers catered to your specific needs at time of service.

Utilizing Essential oils & Vitamin C …always included

Facial procedures are catered to your specific needs and may be altered by but not limited to allergies and contraindications.

Additional add~on services always available by request

Treat yourself! As an *added bonus, this treatment can be topped off with Israel’s Dead Sea Salt ~Scrub  followed by Reflexology massage using Shea butter/oils …for your hands …and/or …feet, then dipped into warm scented paraffin! Request yours today! *additional charge.


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